28 August 2011

bizarre foods

Have you guys watch 'Bizarre foods with Andrew Zimmern' TV program on TLC ? I do always watch it when it was aired. It's really good if i can be like him, travelling all over the world just to have a taste of foods in many different countries. But of course he only look for a bizarre foods that i wouldn't ever ever never try it myself.

Sometimes i think maybe some of the foods seems too bizarre to us but for others, it's the best ever dishes they would die to eat it. Very well, not just focusing on other country bizarre foods, around me also i thought have many kind of bizarre foods for me alone.

Andrew Zimmern says Durian is bizarre foods. In trying it, Andrew compares that durian to sour, soft onions [??]. In closing, he muses that of all the dishes he tried and sampled on his trip to Asia, he can't believe it's a fruit that got to him. Okay, i understand that durian is not made for his tongue buds. And i know many of Malaysian's too can't stomach this king of fruits.

I eat durian and i love durian. I love a taste of 'ikan darat gulai tempoyak' but never in my life i ate tempoyak. Am i weird or that tempoyak seems too bizarre to me ? Even it's made from durians but i don't know why i really can't eat it. 

Not only that tempoyak looks bizarre to me, so many of local foods i still can't take it in my mouth such as nasi kerabu, budu, cincalok, shrimp paste, gulai nangka and so on. It's look bizarre to me to eat it. And sometimes i really feel surprised myself when my wife can eat those foods. 

But as i said earlier, what looks bizarre for us maybe it's heavenly foods for others. So, enjoy our foods and don't forget to praised to Allah, our Lord for all the foods we have and eat every days.


  1. sama la.. suka durian tp xsuka tempoyak....